Fit and Happy for Life

The first step in this motivation strategy is goal setting. Of course you need to know what you want to achieve in this journey. Ask yourself what you really want to attain and why you want to accomplish it. If you want to lose weight set an inspiration by getting a picture of the body that you want to achieve. Tell yourself that in six months or a year time your body will look exactly like that or even better. That would be a great start, so that there is always something that you look forward for.

The next step in this motivation strategy is start today. Yes, today would is the best day to start, not tomorrow, not next year and definitely not two years from now. We always hear people say that life is short so we have to live our lives fully. We often discard the idea not until something happens to someone we know and then we realize how important time really is. Time is of the essence so don’t give such lame excuses like you’re busy or you don’t have time because if you really want it, then you can make time for it.

No shortcut is the next step in this motivation strategy. Always remember that you have two choices, you can either do what’s right or what’s easy. Yes, it’s easier to slack off and think that you’re fine with your body and you love the way it looks but what if you end up having weight connected diseases? Patience is needed because there’s no easy way when it comes to weight loss. Even invasive surgery might be too painful for your body and your pocket. So don’t give up when you don’t get immediate results during first few weeks because if your doing it right, soon enough, more satisfying results will come.

Get a motivation is the fourth step in this motivation strategy. It would always be effective if you will have a buddy when you go to the gym or maybe a partner through this journey. It always feels nice if you have someone to talk to about your progress and even help you out in times that you’re about to give up. If you are a more competitive type of person then compete with your friend ala “The Biggest Loser” and in the end both of you will end up being the winners.

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