Spilts – Exercises For Relieving Back Pain

To perform the split squat, you’ll want to stand facing away from a flat bench, a dumbbell in each hand (or just using your bodyweight if you’re not ready to add weight).

Lift and extend one leg back and place the top of your foot on the bench, standing upright on your supportive leg. Your knee should be straight and your body upright.

From there, slowly begin to bend your supportive knee as you lower yourself down. As you do this, the back knee will also start to bend as it moves closer to the floor.

Once you’re as low as you can go, pause in this position and then press up to complete the rep. Continue on until all reps are completed on one foot and then switch feet and repeat to the other side.

Do’s. While doing the split squat, the main things you’ll want to be thinking include…

  • placing the supportive foot closer to the bench if you want to work the quads to a larger degree
  • placing the supportive foot further away from the bench if you prefer to hit the hamstrings/glutes
  • keeping your body upright and thinking of directing your gaze slightly above parallel
  • thinking of pressing up through the heel of your foot rather than your toes to really hit the glute muscles hard.

Don’ts. Likewise, avoid doing the following:

  • allowing your body to lean forward as you bend down
  • using such a heavy weight you struggle to stay balanced
  • only move part-way down through the movement – the biggest benefits come from the last section of this exercise pattern.

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